Next meeting 8th March 2015

Please note we now meet in the Chaplaincy of University of Bath (not Mount Haviland).
Our last meeting titled “We need to talk about funerals” was led by Jane Howarth.  Jane had prepared us well with material based on the workshop she convened at the last SoF Conference.

We had very diverse experiences and expectations: “good” funerals reflecting the life of the deceased; “difficult” funerals – for someone who had died by suicide; and inappropriate funerals –neither reflecting  the deceased’s beliefs nor bringing much comfort to the bereaved.

There are big questions about what forms an appropriate ceremony. What when the deceased had an evangelical faith which the bereaved do not share?  And what of the other way round? Would a ceremony reflecting the deceased’s faith be hypocritical for the bereaved? Should the ceremony be framed so as to give meaningful emotional support to the bereaved or do they need to feel they are doing what the deceased wanted?

A valuable discussion on a difficult subject but one which many found helpful. At the very least we should leave some guidance about our wishes for our next of kin while leaving them free to bring comfort to the living as they see necessary.


Our next meeting will be on Sunday 8th March 2015 at 2.30 pm in the Chaplaincy of Bath University – when Vernon will recount a talk on “The Bible and Science”  due to be given to Swindon Philosophical Society a month earlier.


We also plan to meet on Sunday 10th May at the same time and place.